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The brachycephalic muzzle is made of breathable mesh. It has soft edges around the Frenchie's nose and eyes. The muzzle serves to prevent the dog from biting and chewing, but allows the dog to drink water. Without these openings, the muzzle will scratch the nose area.
The muzzle has 3 holes (for the eyes and nose). Does not restrict vision, drinking water, and allows smooth breathing. It is carefully designed for dogs with a brachycephalic skull such as Frenchies, Boston terriers, and Pugs. The adjustable nylon strap allows you to customize the fit and the quick release buckle for a comfortable touch and ease of use.

Two sizes available.

Recommendations for use:

If your Frenchie has had surgery or has been injured, a muzzle can prevent him from chewing and biting on parts of the body. Developing more lesions can only worsen the condition and cause infections.

Allergy cases.
Unfortunately, chewing and licking on parts of the body, especially paws, is a common sign of allergy. If your French bulldog suffers from environmental allergies, he will tend to chew and bite the irritated skin to release the pain.

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Bull muzzle

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