6 accessories for cats that your pet cannot miss

6 accesorios para gatos que no le pueden faltar a tu mascota

The cat that lives with you and makes you smile every day with its madness from one place to another, or the one that you are thinking of taking home as a new pet, deserves the care and ideal elements to have fun with its occurrences, feed itself, sleep comfortably and always be safe. For this reason, we recommend these accessories for cats :

  1. comfortable bed

Although they have their moments of play, cats love to sleep for hours. Have him a bed where he can rest and recharge his energy. It can be a fluffy, soft and puffy one that protects it from the cold, a cooler one that you can hang in the window or even one in the shape of a cave, igloo or little house. The important thing is that your pet finds a refuge in it.

  1. cat litter box

It is essential for your pet's hygiene to have a litter box that allows them to feel safe and that, in a short time, they can recognize as their own space because they will use it every day. Ideally, this litter box should be of a size where the kitten can turn around comfortably, regardless of whether it is closed or open.

  1. trough and fountain

The food container is one of the essential elements so that the pet knows where its food is and the place where it can be constantly hydrated, so you can have an electric source or a water drinker for it.

  1. Catnip

If this is the first time you've heard this term, here's what we'll explain: catnip is an aromatic plant that is applied to toys or a scratching post, and it relaxes your cat and helps it release stress. You will see him sniff it and he will immediately jump up or rub his body and limbs on the floor.

  1. cat scratching post

This element will be used a lot by your furry, because it is there where he will be able to satisfy one of his basic instincts: scratching. In this way, they will not damage the furniture in your house, but will play with the scratching post , to calm their anxiety there and file and keep their nails strong while doing physical activity.

  1. Nameplate Necklace

Last but not least, an accessory that adds a modern and fun touch to your cat's identity, be it in the form of a bowtie, scarf or collar. Also, a small plate with your data in case it gets lost and a harness with which you can teach it to go out with you and it is always protected by your side.

In this collection we gather for you all the products that we consider essential to have your new cat See collection

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