7 accessories for dogs that your pet cannot miss

7 accesorios para perros que no le pueden faltar a tu mascota

When you talk about your dog, it is inevitable to think about everything it needs, be it in the case of that pet that has been in the house for a few years, or the one that you have always wanted to have but that is hardly going to cheer you up with its loyal friendship, company and mischief. These are some dog accessories that you surely need:

  1. Bed for dog

After a day of games in the park or at home, nothing better than a good nap for your furry friend. Therefore, have him a bed where he can rest, it can be a furry, soft and dented one or a more modern one in the shape of a house, igloo or cave. There you will find refuge.

  1. blankets

To complement its comfort, you can have one or more soft fabric blankets that allow it to sleep at an adequate temperature depending on the climate of the city, or if they go for a walk to farms where the dog may feel colder.

  1. Food and water containers

The feeder and the hydration source are part of his day to day, so for the dog the place where you have these essential elements for him will be key, especially the source where he will quench his constant thirst for dogs.

  1. dog toys

This type of accessory allows you to provide fun to your pet in a safe way , so it is important that they are made of good materials. When choosing the possibilities there are many: flying frisby, balls, bones with a flavor of meat or rubber, stuffed animals, among others.

  1. Nameplate Necklace

Another must-have is the dog collar, it's just a matter of choosing the right one depending on whether you want a classic style or a more colorful and striking one that gives the ideal touch to your furry's personality. Also, a small plate with your data in case it gets lost.

  1. harness to walk

To take him out to play or to defecate, you will need a quality harness that is made of soft and comfortable material so that the dog will always associate it with a positive experience.

  1. dog clothes

If your pet enjoys it, put him in clothes that make him look like the sensation of the street, of a photo session or even of special dates (birthdays or weddings). Try fresh fabrics in t-shirts, sweaters, divers, scarves or dresses full of color and style.

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